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  • Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Jenis perniagaan:organisasi , Syarikat perdagangan , pengeluar
  • Main Mark: Afrika , Asia , Timur Tengah
  • pengeksport:41% - 50%
  • Penerangan:Fresh and Sweet Fruit Longan,Chinese Sweet Fruit Sale,Chinese Fruit for Exporting
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Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

Fresh and Sweet Fruit Longan,Chinese Sweet Fruit Sale,Chinese Fruit for Exporting

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Chinese Fresh Longan Fruit

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[ longan ] : also called country garden, lychee, hainan island is one of the famous Jane fruit.Its thin skin flesh crisp taste sweet, round shape, big as a thumb, such as the index finger.In skin after dry processing is called round meat, can into the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).Hainan is a great variety of longan, mainly in the QiongShan yongxing region of origin.Litchi to receive each year, longan was listed, some late ripening varieties, to mature when osmanthus fragrance, so called "longan".Longan since ancient times, is regarded as precious tonics.Mostly from trees, fruit trees, tall tree trunks to do economic timber.Mainly distributed in anding, TunChang, wenchang county.
Longan nutrition is rich, is precious nourishing enhancer, fresh longan tastes sweet as honey, in addition to the table, also can be made into cans, wine, cream, jam, etc., can also be processed into country dried meat, etc.In addition of longan leaves, flowers, roots, nuclear medicine.Euphoria longana lanark woodiness is hard, texture delicate, senior furniture is made of raw material, and can be carved into all kinds of exquisite handicrafts.

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